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We comprehensively sort out the fact situations of any applicant on a case-by-case basis, carefully considering any relevant factors such as the applicant’s residence records, current immigration control laws and regulations, and related court and administrative precedents to determine the scope of the materials for proof that may be required.
We draft a "statement of reasons for application" based on various factors and carefully prepare the necessary application materials to clearly demonstrate they meet the standards, requirements, and criteria outlined in the applicable laws and regulations to substantially accommodate the "discretion" exercised by the Immigration Bureau.
We strive to maintain professionalism and excellence and are constantly improving our services by attending lectures or seeking clarification and explanations from former officials who held key positions at the Immigration Bureau (such as the director in charge of all lawsuits or the director in charge of applications for refugee status).
Thankfully, we have a high reputation among the clients we have known through various cases we have handled until now. In addition, on referrals from such clients, we have consulted and served a lot of foreign nationals, Japanese nationals overseas, companies, associations, attorneys-at-law, tax accountants and labor and social security attorneys, etc.

Cases That Consulted With Our Office

  • Is it possible to transfer employees from the head office in overseas to branch store, branch office, and representative office that I openned in Japan?
  • It has been over 2 years since I applied for refugee status, but during that time, my living conditions in Japan have changed.
  • Since my stay in Japan has become longer than exepcted and I’m living a stable life in Japan, I would like to consider obtaining permanent residence or naturalization (acquisition of Japanese citizenship).
  • In the case where foreign national working in Japan and his/her elderly parents living in home country, is there a way where foreign national can bring his/her elderly parents to Japan so that he/she can takecare and live together with them?
  • I have a criminal record in the past, but since then I have reflected on my action and I have been living an exemplerily social life. Can I get a residency status when I'm asked to work in Japan?
  • I would like to operate a business in Japan, so is it possible to obtain a business management permit with a status of residence by co-investing and establishing a company?
  • My parents came to Japan for a short stay (family visit) of 90 days, and the period is about to expire. However, because of special circumstance that require humanitarian consideration, can I renew the visa under such special circumstance?
  • Is it possible for an employed foreign national to takecare and live with his/her spouse and child by brining them to Japan?
  • I would like to ask you to create a prima facie showing materials for necessary explanatory documents, etc., concerning the work that I will be in charge of for the foreign national I am going to hire, including making a judgment as to whether or not the foreign national qualifies for a status of residence, etc..
  • In the case of losing eligibility as the spouse of a Japanese national with a status of residence due to divorce by agreement with a Japanese national, is it possible to seek a discretionary judgment from the Minister of Justice as a special circumstance to not have to return back to the country?

Examples of Successful Cases

  • Case 21

    Status of residence
    I reside in Japan with a visa status of Engineering, Humanities and International Services. I would like to apply for a change in my status of residence to that of a Highly Specialized Professional so that I can exceed the necessary 70 points calculated for a Highly Specialized Professional, and then apply for permanent residence.
    Permission content
    "Highly Skilled Professional (i) (b) " for 5 years
  • Case 5

    Academic background
    I would like to hire foreign students who are expected to graduate from a vocational school (specialist in information business and commercial business practice) in Japan.
    Work description
    Customer support, etc. for investment software users at investment companies
    Permission content
    "Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services" for 1 year
  • Case 20

    Status of residence
    I have lived in Japan for 7 years (employed), and my wife and children (family stay) have lived here for 5 years. We have no problem reading and writing Japanese at the second grade level of elementary school. After careful consideration, my family and I have decided that we would like to naturalize (acquisition Japanese citizenship).
    Permission content
    Three family members have been granted Japanese citizenship.
  • Case 19

    Status of residence
    em. I have lived in Japan for 10 years (5 years of study and 5 years of work) and my wife and children have lived in Japan for just over a year. Our living conditions are good and stable and we would therefore like to apply for permanent residency.
    Permission content
    Permanent resident status to 3 family members.
  • Case 1

    Business scale
    Based on 10 million yen personal investment from the president of a trading company in Canada, I would like to establish and operate a new trading company in Japan.
    Permission content
    "Business Manager" for 1 year
  • Case 2

    Business scale
    To enter the Japanese market, our trading company in China wants to establish a subsidiary and transfer several employees to Japan. We also wish to obtain visas for the employees’ family members to also live in Japan.
    Permission content
    "Business Manager", "Intra-company Transferee" and "Dependent"
  • Case 12

    Family relations
    I am foreign national working in Japan with a 3-year residence status under technical skill visa. I would like to bring my wife and 13-year-old child to live with me in Japan.
    Permission content
    "Dependent" for 3 years
  • Case 8

    Academic background
    I want to hire a foreigner who has 15 years of experience working at a travel agency after graduating from high school in their home country.
    Work description
    General travel work at a travel agency
    Permission content
    "Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services" for 1 year
  • Case 9

    Business experience
    We would like to hire experienced cooks who have worked as Indian-Nepalese cooks for a total of 10 years in India and Nepal.
    Work description
    Cooking work at Indian restaurants
    Permission content
    "Skilled Labor" for 1 year
  • Case 15

    I’m a Japanese citizen married to a foreign woman. I would like to bring her Japan but she has a history of overstaying her visa in the past.
    Permission content
    "Spouse or Child of Japanese National" for 1 year

Procedures for Entry and Staying in Japan , etc

List of clients

  • YASASHIITE(Nursing care business)
  • Ceremony(ceremonial services)
  • A certain communications company
  • A certain golf equipment manufacturer
  • A certain staffing company
  • A certain broadcast station
  • A certain TV program production company
  • Dreamusic Inc.
  • Asia Inbound Sightseeing Organization
  • Indian Restaurant “Thali-ya Group”



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