Naoki Kanazawa

Immigration Lawyer (Registered in 2005)

Labor and Social Security Attorney


After qualifying as an Immigration Lawyer and Labor and Social Security Attorney, upon being certified by the Japanese authorities, I devoted myself to working for an immigration lawyer’s office that specialized in services relating to visas and immigration control. In 2005, I independently started my own business and have since been handling any cases where visas and immigration control are involved. Since opening my own firm, the administration relating to immigration control has been affected by domestic and international politics, economies and societies, and other factors which have led to revisions or amendments to applicable laws and regulations on immigration control almost every year and changes in administrative operations.

As a matter of course, Immigration Lawyers (as stipulated in the article 61-9-3 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act of Japan) must immediately know, understand, and master the details of such revisions or amendments, and reflect them in their services. I continue to stay abreast of these changes by various means including attending lectures or explanations from former officials at the Immigration Bureau who have held key positions in immigration services.

The internationalization and globalization of our society has entered a new phase, and its outlook has become unclear and uncertain. In 2020, the new coronavirus pandemic that has affected the world has also dramatically changed the international flow of people. This change has affected various administrative operations in Japan, including its immigration control. However, the projections of Japan’s declining birthrate and aging population seem certain, and Japan,therefore, hopes more than ever for a harmonious future with foreign nationals. Through my many interactions with foreign nationals, I continuously strive to become a strong supporter and ally to foreign nationals and their related persons who may have any difficulty or issue with the immigration formalities and procedures.

Fortunately, these steady efforts have borne fruit earning positive evaluations from clients whose varied cases I have handled. Thanks to the referrals from such clients, I have received requests and have consulted with many foreign nationals, Japanese nationals overseas, companies, associations, attorneys, tax accountants, and labor and social security attorneys, just to name a few.

Our motto is Performing Services as a Professional. No matter how difficult your problem may seem, please feel free to consult with us. As experts, we firmly pledge to find the best and most prompt solutions for your situation.